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Our sipsetter sommeliers have selected the right bottles to ensure a perfect Thanksgiving evening. 
The weather’s warming up, the sun is shining brightly, and you’ve decided to have a few friends over to your house / pool / picnic / roofdeck. But when it comes to party prepping, where do you start? Here is a checklist of a few must-haves for the success of summer party hosts. 

You may have noticed more and more organic wines on the wine shelf lately. But what does it actually mean? And what difference does it make? Simply put, organic wines are made from grapes that have grown without artificial chemicals; think no herbicides or pesticides.

September may mean many things to many people… Labor Day, back to school, pumpkin spice anything, the list goes on. It can feel like an “in-between” month - not as hot as August afternoons, not as chilly as October evenings. With all this confusion, it can be hard to figure out one of the most important things: what to drink. 
Whether in California or Connecticut, we’re all seeing temperatures drop this time of year. That means keeping warm with sweaters, coats, and of course wines. Science shows that red wine does physically warm us up, with a ‘thermogenic effect’ thanks to its higher alcohol content. Add that to the fact that red pairs nicely with many of our winter comfort foods, and ‘tis the season for a winner.