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Guest of Honor: Do's and Don'ts For Holiday Dinners

While big holiday parties might be on the outs this holiday season – in favor of more Covid-friendly small / “bubble” gatherings – it’s still a time of year that people may gather (safely, please!) with friends and family. For many of us it’s been a while since we’ve had much social contact, so here is a little refresher on guest etiquette this holiday season.

RSVP is an acronym for “repondez s’il vous plait” meaning “respond, please!” Let the hosts know if you’re coming or not. Are you bringing a plus-one? Say so. Don’t forget, your hosts are planning food, drinks, and more based on headcount, so every yes or no matters. Did your plans change? Apologetically let the host know – don’t just ghost your friend or relative.

Bring a gift! This doesn’t need to be anything crazy. Flowers work well, chocolates are a favorite, or of course the time-tested winner: bring a bottle of wine. Red or white are both appropriate. Not sure what food is being served? Bring a Rosé that will please everyone, like Vie Vite. For more gifting ideas, just search by Occasion here or try out the SipFinder

Offer to help. Yes you’re a guest, but if you see the host frazzled, or smell fire in the kitchen, roll up your proverbial sleeves and offer to lend a hand. Be a holiday hero.

Don’t play DJ. Yes, we know your Spotify mixes are the best Spotify mixes. But tonight the eyes are on the host, so unless they explicitly ask, let them manage control of the music / TV / etc. BONUS: Don’t let the TV devolve into people trading funny YouTube clips. We know this from experience. May be funny but is definitely a party killer.

Be grateful. This is an unusual holiday season, and may be a difficult one for us as well as our loved ones. Most importantly, say thank you to the host for opening their home, and take a moment to reflect on the positive. Especially if you just put out a fire in the kitchen.